September 7, 2008

Let’s talk about politics

Posted in 2008 Elections, John McCain's campaign, Rove and Rovian attack politics tagged , , , , , , , , at 8:33 pm by realitytax

What does Gov. Palin think of the VP position?



Zennie’s Zeitgeist, What is Palin’s “other side”? (Hero to Young)

Zennie’s Zeitgeist, What are the outstanding accusations against McCain’s VP choice?

Zennie’s Zeitgeist, What does Palin thinks a VIP does?

Zennie’s Zeitgeist, Alaska in a Skirt

Zennie’s Zeitgeist, Why did Palin want the library to ban books?

Why did Karl Rove flip flop on the value of Mayoral and Gubenatorial experience? He said Tim Kaine lacked credentials, yet Sarah Palin has more than enough?


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