August 4, 2009

Let’s talk about euthanasia and abortion?

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Abortion is a time-tested “wedge” issue, in the finest tradition of Karl Rove’s masterful divisive politics, and it’s arguably being used that way again right now in the health-care insurance reform debate.

Most of us have good enough insurance, and we all get to make the choice to keep our current system.  This isn’t about the majority, this is about the 1 in 6 Americans who aren’t covered.  1 in 6 – that’s not quite 50 million Americans.

Now, nobody’s proposed socialized medicine – if they had the doctors wouldn’t be mostly in favor of reform. But it’s a tested sound bite that shaves off a few votes. Did you know they need more billing clerks at Duke Medical Center than they have nurses?  Does that get through to the opponents of reform at all? No, apparently they’re happier with it spun by lobbyists and CEOs than sticking with reality.

So, too, with abortion.  It’s being dragged into the debate for the express purpose of derailing the whole package – undermining an honest debate about our values, and shaving off a few votes here and there. It’s classic Rove/GOP/special interest “divide and conquer” in the face of Obama’s attempts to make real improvements.

They hope we’ll ignore that the leading cause of personal bankruptcy filings is medical expenses.  Never mind that the number of uninsured Americans grows by over 10,000 people each and every day.  No, no, don’t fret about your neighbors who aren’t as well off as you, that’s not your problem – just keeping listening to the $pecial interests as they spend millions of dollars per day, raised by bureaucrats at companies who decide your premiums and what they’ll cover or not cover, all to influence congress and public opinion. The bureaucrats who control our access to health care right now live rich, lavish lifestyles with no incentive to change the system, let alone to cover those who need it most.

More than half of personal bankruptcy filings are triggered by medical costs. Really.

Do you think this is about somebody else?  Do you think everybody you know is really covered?  Do you mind that most of the raises in the last three decades for low and middle-income earners have gone right into the pockets of health insurance profiteers, because premiums have been rising at triple the rate of inflation?

Lots of money – special interest money – is being thrown at this debate, and it’s up to us to keep the truth out there, because when people hear things like abortion, socialized medicine, or alleged euthanasia for senior citizens, many have a visceral reaction and stop thinking, let alone listening.
Are you still thinking?

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